War Never Ends



Death grabs the World with cold Hands

A Dark Shadow lays over our World

Eagles of Destruction coming now

Streets field with rotten Corpses

Peoples rotted by the Toxic Warfare

The Men will be destroyed in a massacre


Realm of Hades to my feed

Villages had became a slaughterhouse

The Skyline was crushed from the Sky

Only Moulder Ruins remind

Landscapes decay slowly

All the Wounds of a sensless



War_ Total War

War_ to Controll All

War_ until the End

War_ never ends



Give free to your darkest Desires

Torture and Murder without conscience

Enjoy all the flowing blood

In the name of a false duty

Lay down your Warmachines

Now see what you have done


Is that your pledge of allegiance

Stop the whitewash of reality

You are Puppet on the short String

Exploited from your Leader

Damned to the discard

And march into a senseless





Blut – klebt an meinen Händen

Leichen- zäumen meinen Weg

Völker –sind gepeinigt für die Ewigkeit

Die Erde- verbrennt zu meinen Füßen


Städte – zerfallen – in Asche

Doch- dies bedeutet mir nichts




Das ist alles

Wonach mir beliebt


[Corus 2X]









































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