Obscurity Truth




You walking around for so many Years

You never-watched-to the Side

Many Things happened around of You

That you never-re_-aliced

It`s so easy to deceive you

You believe-everything-you hear

Thousands of Untold Lies

No one-Made –the Question

You satisfie with each response

You never-use-your Head



[Mid Tempo]

Open your Eyes

And tell me now

What can you see


Lies around of you

You were Betrayed

Cause you are Blind


Everything you know

Is not that

That it shall be



[Mid Tempo2]



The world is a playground

You are only a pawn

In the hand of a player

Who doesn`t care about you




This is the Truth that let You Scare

This is the Truth that you never hear

This is the Truth the Bloody Truth

This is the

Obscurity Truth






[Mid Tempo3]

Decisions-can’t you make for yourself

Leaders-are that what you need

Excuses-are you looking for

Innocence-doesn’t exist






Black and White are the colors

That painting your World

And now you marching here on the street

Throwing – slogans - around

Strugger around with strong accusations

Without any content

Word`s that given into your mouth

Name them – Your – Opinion

Once again used for higher targets

Without – seeing - it



[Mid Tempo]

Text wie 1.Strophe

[Mid Tempo2]



Listen to my words

Now open your mind

Think about again

And look through the veil




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