Time for Revolt




This is

Our World

A World of Corruption


And Betrayal



That counts

Are your bills

The Law

That Exist

Is the Law of Strengh



It`s time

To change

The Future

To Change

Our World


No one can stop us now

Let`s blast that chains

Now it`s time for Revolt


This is

The Holy Son

A Figure of Lies

Of Lies

And Betrayal


The Religion

Corrupt you

Corrupting your mind

They want

That you die

Die for your God


I tell you

There is

no God

There Is

only War





No Mercy


No Prisoners


Your Wrath


Them Burn

[Mid Tempo]

Why can we offer us

Why can we allow this


We must Fight

Fight against that Mistakes

Fight again that Fails

They should hate us

They should scare us

They should run away





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